Beginning through Advanced skills will be covered. Do you just need to learn to stop? or are you ready to start skating backwards, learn crossovers, alternate stopping skills, beginning or advanced turning. We will help you set your goals and achieve them whether it is fitness or fun you are looking for.

When: Every Saturday Morning,
9:30 am TO 10:00 am

Learn to skate in inline skates or roller skates. Great for beginners and advanced skaters.

Beginner skaters will learn starting, stopping, and other basic skills, such as backwards skating and turning.

Call or stop by for more info.

$50.00 for 4 lessons
Includes admission to the 10:00 am – 12:30 pm Skating Session

For many years, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, as well as the American Heart Association, have recognized roller skating among the best overall aerobic exercises, involving all the body’s muscles, including the heart. Now that the activity is making a come back and is deemed “cool”, more teens can enjoy the health benefits of skating indoors.

  • Roller skating is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits, calorie burning, reduction of body fat and leg strength development.
  • Just one hour of moderate roller skating (6 mph) burns 330 calories for a 143-pound person. If that same person skates vigorously (10 mph), he or she will burn up to 590 calories an hour!
  • According to a study at the University of Massachusetts, skating causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joint compared to running.

Roller Skating Association International
6905 Corporate Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana

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