School Group and Community Fundraisers

cooltext1527433769Today’s economy often means that schools and organizations are left with less dollars in their budget. That is why Skate Factory of Vero Beach is happy to help your school, school group, non-profit organization, church group, or other community cause as a partner in fundraising. We have a great venue for you to hold your fundraising event in Vero Beach. We highlighted the importance of planning, event type, and location in our 3 Tips for Planning a Successful Fundraiser. After looking closer at what has brought success to our fundraisng partners, we wanted to share a few more key areas to focus in on as you and your group plan your attack for making fundraising as successful as possible.

Event Sponsors

With six months of advance notice, as suggested in our 3 Tips, you and your group will allow for plenty of time to get sponsors on board with your project and support your fundraisng initiatives. Sponsors are helpful in cutting or covering any costs that my be involved up front. They are also great in providing funds to reach your ultimate goal. Think about what sponsors may be able to help your group and also benefit from the public acknowledgement of helping your group’s cause.


It is true, people love free stuff. Any giveaways that you can offer to attendees can be a bonus. Perhaps this can be covered as a sponsor endorsement or as part of the price of admission to your event. Whether prizes, t-shirts, or skating event accessories, freebie giveaways may make your event that much more exciting. Glow sticks are always a fun giveawy with roller skating and something that’s easy to get a sponsor on board in helping to provide.


Not only to people love freebie giveaways, but they also love food. Skate Factory has plenty of great choices available from our snack bar. Your attendees can cool down from the laps they’ve skated with a refreshing fountain drink or slushee, and our pizza, hot dogs, and nachos always make for tasty treats. Contact us to help you consider food options for your fundraising event.


The most important element of your fundraiser is the people that will be involved. Not only do you need participants, but you will need plenty of volunteers to help you pull of your event and make it a success. Will you have someone greeting guests at the door and directing them? What about selling tickets in advance? Who will be in chart of collecting prizes or suppies? Volunteers are essential in helping to lighten the load required in organizing a successful event.

Contact Skate Factory in Vero Beach, Florida for your next fundraising event. We’d love to help make your event a success and see your participants smiling and having fun while raising much needed funds for your organization or group.

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