Skate Factory has a great camp program.

Our camp is open  for all summer, winter, and spring breaks! We also have camp on all teacher work days, in both Indian River and St. Lucie Counties.

We take pride in our camp. Every one of our staff are given a fingerprint and background check. Your child’s safety is our number one concern.

Skate Factory Camp is open to all children ages 6-12 years. Camp hours are 7:30am -5:30pm.  The cost is $105.00 for the week or $25.00 per day. We require a registration form for each camper. The $15.00 fee includes a camp tee shirt for your child.

To make your child’s time at camp an enjoyable one, we have a few suggestions preparing them for camp.

  • Every camper must come to camp with shoes on their feet.
  • Socks are a must, the longer sports socks work the best. Socks that do not cover the  ankle, are most likely to cause blisters.
  • Skate bags or back packs are highly recommended,  for keeping all your child’s belongings together in a safe place.
  • Change of clothes is also recommended, as we have had many times drinks have spilled on clothes, pants have ripped, etc.
  • We highly recommended that if you are going to give you child extra spending money, to put it on a skate card.  We program your child’s name in the card and it is kept at the concession counter. Skate cards are good for food, tokens, and stuff shop. This eliminates kids loosing their money.


Field Trips

Skate Camp has field trips during the summer camp only. We go to the Majestic movie theater, as well as, the Vero Bowling alley. These trip are at no extra charge to the parents.



Lunches, morning, and afternoon snacks are included in the camp cost. However if your child has a special diet,they may  bring a lunch from home. Our morning and afternoon snacks : banana, halos, grapes, cheese sticks, gogurt, crackers, cookies etc. Skate Factory lunches: Slice of pizza drink and snack, Mon, Wed, Fri, we also have choice of pizza or chicken nuggets. Tue and Thurs choice of pizza or hot dogs.


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Anyone desiring to SKATE at Skate Factory of Vero over the age of 18 must complete the following waiver.Click to Sign the Waiver