Youth Groups and Other Church Groups

Skate Factory offers special group rates just for your youth group or church group. Whether your church group is made up of a crazy bunch of teens and tweens in the youth group, or your women’s group is ready to get out and have a good time, Skate Factory is the place you’ll want to be!Youth Group Fun

Monday nights we offer Christian music, and Wednesday nights we play Top 40 hits. Our group rates start at just $3 and include admission, skate rental, and a drink. Your group is welcome to join us during our hours from 6:30pm-9:00pm. If your crew would love to leave the dinner dishes up to us, then for $5 we’ll make sure your admission, rental, and drink comes with a slice of pizza as well.

Looking for more than skating and dinner? Add another $2 for 10 game tokens. You can challenge each other at a game of SkeeBall or Air Hockey. Or you can race each other to the finish line with one of our racing games. Don’t forget to take your tickets to our prize counter afterward and exchange them for a fun prize!

Come one, come all, come on out to Skate Factory and have a ball. There is plenty to keep your group occupied and active with roller skating, great music, and time together with your group. Fill our group reservation form and contact Skate Factory in Vero Beach to plan your church group’s discounted outing.

Location, Location, Location!

Location may be known as one of the most common rules of real estate, but did you know it applies to birthday parties too! In Vero Beach, we’ve got a location that just can not be beat for maximum birthday party fun! There is no need to worry about rain, heat, or humidity because our rink will allow you and your guests to stay cool and dry.Skate Factory Birthday Parties

Not only is our location great, but a Skate Factory birthday party includes roller skating fun, and tasty treats for your guests. Even with all of this included, a birthday party at Skate Factory will not break the bank! Weekday birthday parties are just $99.99 for the birthday guest of honor and ten additional guests. This includes admission and skate rental, a choice of pizza, hot dog, or chicken nuggets, popcorn, soft drinks, game tokens, and birthday party invitations. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about decorating because our parties also include the table settings with balloons. All you have to do is provide the birthday cake (or cupcakes) and ice cream if you’d like. Weekend parties vary just a little and include the same items; make sure you visit our birthday party page for more details regarding party slots that are available.

Large Birthday Parties

If your guest list includes more than a few close friends, consider one of our Private Party packages. The rink will be yours and yours alone for 2 hours of skating. If your birthday party list is less than fifty, then The Works package might be just right for you. And, if our location happens to be where you want to throw your next bash of up to 150 people, then The Crew package will work for you!

Whatever size party you are looking for, we can assure you that a Skate Factory birthday party will be full of fun and memories.

Contact us today to book your next birthday party at Skate Factory.

More Fun at Skate Factory with Arcade Games!

When you are at Skate Factory and you’ve skated so much that you feel like your legs might just give out, take a break in our arcade! Get your competition on with a game of SkeeBall with mom or dad, or have a sibling rivalry and see who can win a game of air hockey. Whether you win or lose doesn’t necessarily matter because you’ll be winning with the time you have spent with family and friends.Arcade Games at Skate Factory

If SkeeBall or air hockey just are not up to speed with what you are looking for, then hop in the driver’s seat of one of our racing games and see how fast you can go! Don’t worry, you won’t get a speeding ticket!

Maybe you are more of an expert with your hand and eye coordination. If so, then check out our crane game. You could be lucky enough to win a stuffed animal or any variety of prizes that the giant claw grabs and drops your way!

Whatever you choose to do while in our game center, make sure you carefully collect those tickets. You can take those tickets to our ticket center and get a ticket voucher with your grand total. When your time is up you can turn that voucher in for fun and playful prizes at our prize center.

Whether skating or not, our arcade offers more fun for all ages at Skate Factory in Vero Beach.


A Balancing Act-Group Activities

Hey group activity coordinators, have we got news for you! Group activities at Skate Factory are awesome! We offer group packages for groups of all shapes, sizes, ages, and for numerous reasons. Whether you are looking for a corporate outing, a team building experience, a fun time to hang out with the youth group, a science field trip that focuses on physics and motion, or a group activity trip for day camp or summer camp, we are well equipped to meet your needs. You can enjoy the fun as your group practices balancing on wheels.Group Activities at Skate Factory in Vero Beach, FL

We still have openings available for day camp and summer camp group activity outings. It’s not too late to book with us, but we suggest that you don’t wait too long as our spaces are filling up. Make sure you use our Skate Factory Group Reservation Form and contact us if you have any questions.

It is sad, but true, the summer will be here and gone before we know it. Now is a good time to start looking at group activities that you may be interested in for the Fall.

Group Activities for School Groups

We’ve found that Skate Factory is a great place for school field trips. Whether your school group is interested in celebrating honor roll, perfect attendance, or studying physics in action, Skate Factory has a lot to offer. We are able to accommodate school groups of less than 30 to more than 100!

Group Activities for Corporate Outings and Team Building

Not only do we gladly accommodate school groups, but we have seen a recent rise in a trend for businesses to address a work and life balance. Small businesses and teams have enjoyed spending time at our rink. Balancing on wheels is a great way to help motivate people to participate in team building group activities and to remind people of that ever important work/life balance.

Skate Factory can adjust and accommodate to help clubs, scouts, groups, small businesses, and school with their group activity needs. Make sure you visit our groups page for more information. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule your next group activity.


Learning to Skate

Skating ClassesDo you love to skate? Are you looking for a fun family activity? Perhaps you are looking for a way to keep you and your little ones healthy and in shape while having fun. Those may be reasons to get your little one out on the skating floor with you at Skate Factory!

We offer skating classes for skaters that are just beginning and for those that are skating at a more advanced level. Our beginner skaters will learn basic skating skills such as starting, stopping, backwards skating, and turning. Our more advanced skaters will build on those basic skills with crossovers, different stopping methods, and advanced turns.

Skating classes are on Saturday mornings from 9:30 am – 10:00 am, and your child can learn to skate using inline skates or quad skates. Classes are just $45 for four sessions and include admission to the 10:00 am – 12:30 pm skating session.Skate Mates

For your convenience, Skate Mates are available for our new skaters. Rentals are available during most of our sessions. In addition to using a Skate Mate, we have found an article on teaching young ones to skate with helpful tips. In particular, we thought it was good advice to allow parents to skate behind their child and hold them under the armpits to help support them.

If you are interested in skating classes for your child, or looking for a fun activity to keep your family in shape, make plans to join us this Saturday at Skate Factory in Vero Beach! Don’t forget to follow us on Google +, Facebook, and Twitter!

School Group and Community Fundraisers

cooltext1527433769Today’s economy often means that schools and organizations are left with less dollars in their budget. That is why Skate Factory of Vero Beach is happy to help your school, school group, non-profit organization, church group, or other community cause as a partner in fundraising. We have a great venue for you to hold your fundraising event in Vero Beach. We highlighted the importance of planning, event type, and location in our 3 Tips for Planning a Successful Fundraiser. After looking closer at what has brought success to our fundraisng partners, we wanted to share a few more key areas to focus in on as you and your group plan your attack for making fundraising as successful as possible.

Event Sponsors

With six months of advance notice, as suggested in our 3 Tips, you and your group will allow for plenty of time to get sponsors on board with your project and support your fundraisng initiatives. Sponsors are helpful in cutting or covering any costs that my be involved up front. They are also great in providing funds to reach your ultimate goal. Think about what sponsors may be able to help your group and also benefit from the public acknowledgement of helping your group’s cause.


It is true, people love free stuff. Any giveaways that you can offer to attendees can be a bonus. Perhaps this can be covered as a sponsor endorsement or as part of the price of admission to your event. Whether prizes, t-shirts, or skating event accessories, freebie giveaways may make your event that much more exciting. Glow sticks are always a fun giveawy with roller skating and something that’s easy to get a sponsor on board in helping to provide.


Not only to people love freebie giveaways, but they also love food. Skate Factory has plenty of great choices available from our snack bar. Your attendees can cool down from the laps they’ve skated with a refreshing fountain drink or slushee, and our pizza, hot dogs, and nachos always make for tasty treats. Contact us to help you consider food options for your fundraising event.


The most important element of your fundraiser is the people that will be involved. Not only do you need participants, but you will need plenty of volunteers to help you pull of your event and make it a success. Will you have someone greeting guests at the door and directing them? What about selling tickets in advance? Who will be in chart of collecting prizes or suppies? Volunteers are essential in helping to lighten the load required in organizing a successful event.

Contact Skate Factory in Vero Beach, Florida for your next fundraising event. We’d love to help make your event a success and see your participants smiling and having fun while raising much needed funds for your organization or group.

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Great Ideas for Date Night

We’ve got some great ideas for a great date night at Skate Factory! Check out these different possibilities for a date night or an excuse to skate!

1. Roller Skating Date-Do you really know the one you love as well as you think you do? If you don’t know how well they balance on eight wheels, then maybe you don’t. Besides, you know you are bored out of your mind with dinner and a movie, so change it up and add some variety by coming on our to Skate Factory for a date night! We might also add that this is a great excuse to hold the hand of the one you are interested in!

2. Mom and Dad Night Out-Who says that dating has to stop after your married? Mom and dad, you can take advantage of our rink availability and enjoy a night out! Friday nights from 7 pm – 11 pm we’ve got The Scene with skating and dancing. You know your children will get plenty of exercise and sleep well after spending a few hours skating.

Date Night Ideas

3. Family Date Night-They say that couples that play together stay together; we like to say that families that skate together have a lot of fun! This will encourage exercise, family fun, and strengthen skills and interests in skating. Why not pass along the love that you have for skating? Our Saturday Night Groove offers a great opportunity for this. For only $25 you get five admissions!

4. Sibling Date-If you grew up skating at the rink every Friday and Saturday with your siblings, then relive your childhood at Skate Factory with a sibling date! Skating offers a great chance to spend time together and catch up on what’s going on with friends and family!

We’d love to hear your ideas for a date night at Skate Factory. Make sure you share them in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google +.

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A New Tradition

Easter Sunday SkateWhen you think about Easter, what traditions do you think about? Many people associate Easter Egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, Easter baskets, and jellybeans with their Easter traditions. At Skate Factory in Vero Beach, we think about skating all the time! This means that it is only natural for us to open up our rink and offer an opportunity for a new tradition for your family. Why not add roller skating to your family traditions and join us for an afternoon of skating on Easter Sunday?

Admission is free for up to five people with our coupon on Easter Sunday! Skate rental is extra. This is a great way to help encourage physical exercise for your family. We think this is a great way to help work off the mashed potatoes and ham that you might have for a traditional easter dinner. It may even help to work off that chocolate bunny since roller skating burns about 330 calories (for a 143 pound individual) after about an hour of moderate skating.

Make sure that you mark your calendars for Easter Sunday on Sunday, April 20, 2014 for our 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm skate! We want to help you and your family make new traditions and celebrate time together on this Easter Sunday.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for other news, updates, and special events that will be taking place at Skate Factory.

3 Tips for Planning a Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising is something that nearly every organization needs to partake of in order to meet some sort of financial goal. It has been said that in fundraising, you have to have a plan and a place to land! We have a few tips that we would love to share with you, inspired by Constant Contact, for helping plan a successful fundraiser. We would also love to help make your event a success by offering up our Vero Beach, Florida roller skating rink as a great place to land for your event!Five Teen Girls 3

1. Plan in advance

It is recommended that you plan your fundraising event at least six months in advance. This will allow for plenty of time to get the word out for your event, book your event venue, gather prizes and supplies, and plan all of the other details.

2. Decide what type of event

It is important that in your planning, you carefully consider what type of event you would like to hold. We have seen many successful events in our roller skating rink that include lots of fun! Fun is the theme as all participants get involved. After all, once participants arrive at Skate Factory, who can resist lacing up a pair of skates and taking a few laps around the rink? Are you looking for additional sources of income during your event? Consider a 50/50 drawing while at our rink or a silent auction. These options will help raise additional funds and allow your guests to get more involved!

3. Location is key

All realtors know their number one selling point is location, location, location! This is also true of fundraisers! At Skate Factory, we are proud to say that we offer a top notch fundraising location that will insure a successful fundraiser, rain or shine! There is no worry about a cloudy or rainy day raining on your parade (or fundraising goals) here!

Contact us to book your next fundraising event for your school, church, or organization, in Vero Beach today! We’d love to help make your event a success and see your participants smiling!

Shop Online!

We consider ourselves one of of the premier roller skating rinks in Florida. As a result, we keep our onsite proshop pretty well stocked, and if we don’t have something that you need, weather it be skates, wheels, bearings, laces, or other accessories, we can get it for you in just a matter of time. While we’ve got a great selection in our onsite proshop, we wanted to share that we also have an online proshop. Feel free to click through and you will notice that our online Skate Factory Proshop carries just about anything your skater heart could possibly desire when it comes to skates and skating accessories. Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 1.04.31 PM

Check out our Skate Factory Proshop online and you’ll notice that you can shop in several different categories. Maybe you are looking for a complete set of skates. We’ve got speed skates, jam skates, roller hockey skates, and more! Perhaps you are looking for components. We carry boots, plates, bearings, wheels, and toe stops. If it’s accesscories that you are looking for, well wait no more! From skate bags, to roller hockey gear, to laces, and pom poms, we’ve got you covered! If you are looking for a hard to find color, size, or style, our Skate Factory Proshop online just made it no longer hard to find!

So whether you are near or far, if you can’t make it in to our proshop, we want to encourage you to browse through our online offerings. While the Skate Factory is the place to be in the real world, we think the Skate Factory Proshop is the place to be on the world wide web!

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